Thursday, 29 November 2012

Jogging! What..???! Yup, jog!

Assalamualaikum. Well, here I am again, wrote an entry for you guys to read. Basically, its about what I've been done recently, and if you guys care to have some my guest. ^^,
Hurm...lately, I went out for a jog with my hubby at Pantai Puteri. He wants to jog so damn much, and he's tagging me along. I've said that I only want to watch him jog..and I couldn't jog and I dont want to, cause jogging isn't really my thing. It's his thing. Plus, I hate exercising! I love dancing! Dancing is my passion, not exercising.

Then...we head out on that particular eve, and we did it. Jog...i mean! 
Sepanjang berjogging tu, aku ketawa je. Really! Cause i felt embarrassed enough to jog around and in front sssooo many people at the beach.
The thing is...i ask my hubby to jog at Hutan, dah nama pun hutan rekreasi, there will be a lot of people doing the exercising thing lah kan....?? Well, at least adalah.

But...disebabkan my hubby siap lambat, then we're running out of time to go to the hutan, and decided to went to the beach instead. HAHA 
My hubby selamba je...and i'm the only one with the red face (*blushing around while we jog!)

Oh...when I said that i cant jog,(cause tak de stamina langsung, sbb da lama tak bersukan) he's forcing me to do so, and it really really tiring me out! Up until this day, my legs still hurt. Ohhh...pity me! 
Grrr...up until now, i still felt a little bit furious at him and he knows that. Everytime I did mention bout it, he's smiling to me like he's not doing anything wrong. Grrr geram ni!

Instead he said (" Baguslah ayang jogging, sihatkan badan...)
And I said (Nooo...jogging tak sihatkan badan ayang, it makes me sick! Ayang sihat tanpa jogging, and now  I'm ache all over!) :(

Disebabkan itu jugak lah, aku asyik tidurrrr sahaja smenjak beberapa hari ni, cause penat dan letih sangat2. (Over kan?) LOL, tak kesah pun. Sbb my body is real weak and everyone who close to me know bout it. 
But...the real thing is, I do enjoy the eve when we're jogging together along the beach holding hands.
It's fun in its own way...and i'm going to treasure the moments always. (Cause tak nak jogging lagi. Tak larat! Hehe)

He: "Alah..jomlah jogging lagi esok. Bosanlah jogging sorang-sorang, nak ayang temankan abang."
Me: "Tak nak! Ayang tak nak jogging lagi. Abang nak, abang pergi jogging sendiri. That's your thing. Kalau nak ayang ikut boleh, ayang teman tengok je."
(Sorry abang... ^^,) 

And..and..and..guess what?! On that eve, he made me a sandwich!'s soooo tasty and delicious!
But aku tak larat habiskan sorang cause besar and tebal sgt2! After the jog, we sit out near the beach and eat the sandwich together. (Ape..??? Baru bakar lemak, da consume lemak balik?? HAHA, whatever! The sandwichs really delicious!!)
I told him once yang aku nak makan sandwich yang die buat, sandwich/burger...and I didn't expect yg die akan ingat pasal tu, sbb aku sendiri lupe yang aku teringin nak makan sandwich tu. But...he remembers it!
I'm shocked and touched. Thanks hubby!! ^^, I love you!!

He's not wearing the appropriate tracks(that's why i'm laughing) & I'm not wearing the appropriate shoes.'s has been a fun and remarkable eve for both of us. Thank you for reading my entry yang almost merepek ni. Good night guys...I'm out! ^^,
Au Revoir!

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