Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Morning Smile!

Morning guys...yeah, i know its the middle in the night, currently its 4.40 am...
What the blog i'm doin here right..? ;D  I just thought wanna get some sleep but then saje gatal tangan nk jenguk blog, and do you know what makes me happy? Cause when i check my blog just now, I've got my very first comments.

Because of those comments...i feel really really happy right now. Cant express it with words cause I was smiling like this fellow here:

Kate la ape saja like "Eleh, baru ada sikit follower, baru ada sorang dua comment post, da nak buat entry bagai." I know, maybe some of you akan cakap macam ni, but nevermind..i get it! I think, mase semua orang masih newbie dalam dunia blog ni, sedikit sebanyak mesti korang pernah rase mcm ape yg aku rase ni kan...? Betul tak..? Cause we're human beings.

For a newbie like me...just having like 3 follower or one comment pun I da feel happy sangat2 cause i know...i'm new, my entry x setanding bloggers - bloggers yang lain...but at least i know that ada jugak orang yang sudi singgah my blog, so x de la ak syok sendiri. For that, i really really want to dedicate a million thanks for you guys that sudi jengah my blog ni.

Next entry...is about...???? Mane boleh bagitau you guys skrg, nanti da x suprise la. Just...Stay and keep coming back okay...? ^^,
Xoxo...tata for now! <3 <3

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