Sunday, 18 November 2012

Monte Carlo!!

Bonjour les gars!! OMG!! Just finish watching this movie, and guess what guys....?? It's superb!! Sape tak pernah tengok cite ni...??? Go grab it now!! I think, every girls will love this movie. The scene and's superbly best!! 

Paris all the way to Monte Carlo...(*sighing). Nampaknya Paris and Monte Carlo will be up in my honeymoon list la jawabnya! (Bankrupt my hubby! LOL) But..Australia, would still be my first choice! Gosh, I love this movie! Nak tau ape yang best sgt...?? Can't tell you guys, there's no exact words to be used in describing this film magnifique! 

For those yang da pernah tgk, thumbs up kan guys...?? Well, got another movie to marathon with! 
Au revoir les gars! ^^,

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