Saturday, 24 November 2012

Besties Forever!!

Bonjour!! ^^, Okay...previously, ak buat entry about my buddy, but this time, i'll wrote an entry about my besties! Selain my buddy, ak ada my besties!! This two lovely besties of mine are called liza (Eyza) and Zue.
Well...Liza stands for Norliza  Musa and Zue stands for Nor Zulaikha.

Sape yang tak berkesempatan, or belum baca lagi entry bout my buddy, or teringin nak baca bout him, boleh la klik klik kat SINI!! ^^, Same as my buddy...aku berjumpa dengan my besties ni at sekolah jugak, cause kitorang satu kelas kan. 4 ICT, yup! We're a computer surgeon! Yeppi! ^^,

Masa mula-mula....aku tak berkawan dengan diorang ni, cause tak know each other and masing-masing ada puak masing-masing. Biasalah, girls kan...?? But, one fine day...yeah, one fine day...we talk to each other and make friends! We sort of being a gang, and it's an amazing group of friends that I've ever had!
I really-really love them...and we're so best being together! 
My lovely group!!

I do love them...and i treasure the moments of being together as a group till this very day. What we had back then, was not easy to forget..and I would never want to forget bout all these lovely person I've ever met. These another two frenz of mine is Ain and Amira. They're great! turns out, yang we only best at being three than five. It turns out yang aku, liza and zue are more likely together. Biasalah, girls have some issues, and the three of us stay friends and become besties till this very day. 

Liza and guys have to know that you guys are superb! You guys are my besties till the day one of us die. I love you guys so damn much and there's no words that can even describe what i feel about you guys for always being there for me! (Tears begin to fill my eyes as I wrote this entry... :') )
Both of you are such a good friends of mine, I kept both of you in the nicest and safest place inside my heart and forever you'll stay! ^^,

Dont you guys ever leave me cause I will haunted you down!! Ingat ni! ^^, Hehe, main ugut-ugut pulak. Sorry dear...! It's just that korang bermakna sangat2 dalam hidup aku and aku tak nak hilang korang langsung! 

For Liza, beb...thank you. THANK YOU sooooo much for always being there for me when i needed you the most!! OMG, I dont know what to say cause aku tak dpt cari kata2 yg sesuai utk express my feelings towards you. Just know that I do love you so much beb. Ko tau tu kan..?? In case you ever forget, baca balik "the book" yang pernah aku bg ko tu. Remember..."Jauh mana pun aku terbang, banyak mana pun aku melangkah, ramai mana pun orang yang aku jumpa, in the end...aku akan selalu balik pada kau, aku akan selalu cari kau." :') 

For my dear Zue...Beb, aku tau kita jauh, and semenjak ko pindah rumah, aku and liza tak selalu datang jumpa ko sebab byk halangan. Cuti tak sama, kredit tak ada, tak online selalu, ko kat KL, kitorang kat Melaka. I know that sometimes, we had never been there for you always...but, aku nak ko tau, even kita tak selalu jumpa, jarang berhubung kadang2, you're still my bestie forever!!! Ak tak kan pernah lupakan ko sampai mati, and i will always be there for you if you need me. Ingat ni! Jgn pernah terasa dgn aku, cause aku tak pernah lupakan ko, no matter what i do, and no matter how far we apart. Aku sayang ko tau zue! 
After all...hanya kita berdua je yang pernah rasa betapa sakitnya bila dicurangi right..?? ;)

Emi, buddy...thank you so much also for always being there for us (aku and apek). Just know that ko boleh count on us and we know that we can count on you too. We really hoping the best for you. Tak kisah ko sakit or orang buat, we always be there for you and support you! Promise me you'll never give up tau!! ^^,

Okay, tu my appreaciation for both my besties and my only buddy, cause I know that they will read this entry. ^^,
So, back to the story...these besties of mine mmg funny, superb, istimewa in their very own way, and they complete my life!! Susah senang, kami bersama...ponteng kelas sama-sama, bergaduh bersama, menangis bersama, ketawa, suka duka, fail exam, berjaya dalam exam, tak buat homework, ehh..pendek kata, semuanya bersama lah! Sama mcm my buddy la! We all connected! 
Me, my hubby, emi, eyza, and zue!! We're buddies!! Yeay!!
Ni la sahabat aku dunia akhirat! One of them is the love of my life..(who?? Of coz la my hubby)

Mereka ni lah sahabat aku dari zaman sekolah...sampai lah sekarang and forever. Friends forever really exist tau! Tak tipu...cause i know, ada antara you guys yang akan cakap, "there's no such thing as friends forever." But believe me....It is!!! Bila kita jumpa a few person yang tersangat-sangatlah sekepala, and serasi dengan kita, that's when Friends forever existed!

Well...for your information, again...tak sangka we all made it to the top. We all had become someone!!
Dari nothing, dari remaja sekolah yang enjoy sana sini when SPM is around the corner, went shopping,watch movies, karoeke, jalan sana sini, pergi tasik bagai, hari-hari lepak bilik akses surf internet, layan myspace, and all sort of incredible things, we manage to turn ourselves into SOMEONE rather than NO ONE!
Guys...seriously, I'm proud of US! 

With emi is in the NAVY, Ilham(my hubby) is a teacher-to-be (Major in TESL at IPTI ),
I'm doing my dip in Computer science ( bakal habis tak lama lagi, insyaAllah), Zue is a nurse in PPUM, and lastly Eyza who's doing her degree in UUM (Major in Hal Ehwal Antarabangsa). Wow...!! 
WOW..!! We're amazing right guys..?? Again, aku bangga sgt2 dgn kite semua! 

Well...maybe harapan and impian kitorang semua nak menjadi English teacher tak kesampaian, except for Zue cause dia memang minat sangat nak jadi Nurse, but at least...antara kite, ada jugak yang jadi English teacher kan? ^^, 
Sesungguhnya...apa yang kite semua jadi hari ni, apa yang kita ada, apa yang kita may become, lebih hebat dari apa yang pernah kita impikan dan harapkan masa sekolah dulu right...?? ^^,
Kuasa Allah kan guys...?? Alhamdullillah! THANK YOU ALLAH! I'm grateful to ALLAH.


Au revoir...!! Till then, 

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