Thursday, 29 November 2012

Jogging! What..???! Yup, jog!

Assalamualaikum. Well, here I am again, wrote an entry for you guys to read. Basically, its about what I've been done recently, and if you guys care to have some my guest. ^^,
Hurm...lately, I went out for a jog with my hubby at Pantai Puteri. He wants to jog so damn much, and he's tagging me along. I've said that I only want to watch him jog..and I couldn't jog and I dont want to, cause jogging isn't really my thing. It's his thing. Plus, I hate exercising! I love dancing! Dancing is my passion, not exercising.

Then...we head out on that particular eve, and we did it. Jog...i mean! 
Sepanjang berjogging tu, aku ketawa je. Really! Cause i felt embarrassed enough to jog around and in front sssooo many people at the beach.
The thing is...i ask my hubby to jog at Hutan, dah nama pun hutan rekreasi, there will be a lot of people doing the exercising thing lah kan....?? Well, at least adalah.

But...disebabkan my hubby siap lambat, then we're running out of time to go to the hutan, and decided to went to the beach instead. HAHA 
My hubby selamba je...and i'm the only one with the red face (*blushing around while we jog!)

Oh...when I said that i cant jog,(cause tak de stamina langsung, sbb da lama tak bersukan) he's forcing me to do so, and it really really tiring me out! Up until this day, my legs still hurt. Ohhh...pity me! 
Grrr...up until now, i still felt a little bit furious at him and he knows that. Everytime I did mention bout it, he's smiling to me like he's not doing anything wrong. Grrr geram ni!

Instead he said (" Baguslah ayang jogging, sihatkan badan...)
And I said (Nooo...jogging tak sihatkan badan ayang, it makes me sick! Ayang sihat tanpa jogging, and now  I'm ache all over!) :(

Disebabkan itu jugak lah, aku asyik tidurrrr sahaja smenjak beberapa hari ni, cause penat dan letih sangat2. (Over kan?) LOL, tak kesah pun. Sbb my body is real weak and everyone who close to me know bout it. 
But...the real thing is, I do enjoy the eve when we're jogging together along the beach holding hands.
It's fun in its own way...and i'm going to treasure the moments always. (Cause tak nak jogging lagi. Tak larat! Hehe)

He: "Alah..jomlah jogging lagi esok. Bosanlah jogging sorang-sorang, nak ayang temankan abang."
Me: "Tak nak! Ayang tak nak jogging lagi. Abang nak, abang pergi jogging sendiri. That's your thing. Kalau nak ayang ikut boleh, ayang teman tengok je."
(Sorry abang... ^^,) 

And..and..and..guess what?! On that eve, he made me a sandwich!'s soooo tasty and delicious!
But aku tak larat habiskan sorang cause besar and tebal sgt2! After the jog, we sit out near the beach and eat the sandwich together. (Ape..??? Baru bakar lemak, da consume lemak balik?? HAHA, whatever! The sandwichs really delicious!!)
I told him once yang aku nak makan sandwich yang die buat, sandwich/burger...and I didn't expect yg die akan ingat pasal tu, sbb aku sendiri lupe yang aku teringin nak makan sandwich tu. But...he remembers it!
I'm shocked and touched. Thanks hubby!! ^^, I love you!!

He's not wearing the appropriate tracks(that's why i'm laughing) & I'm not wearing the appropriate shoes.'s has been a fun and remarkable eve for both of us. Thank you for reading my entry yang almost merepek ni. Good night guys...I'm out! ^^,
Au Revoir!

Piala Suzuki 2012!!

Assalamualaikum guys...! Hai hai hai...buat ape tue..??? Sorry lama tak update blog ni, ak menghilang buat beberapa hari. (Busy and letih plus kesihatan tak memuaskan...) But, nevermind, i'm back!! Banyak gila benda yang nak diceritakan actually, but i'm going to take it slow.Just keep coming back tau.
And kali ni aku nak update about BOLA! what...?? Yup, BOLA! 

I'm not a big fan of bola actually, but suka jugak tengok kekadang. Suka tengok Harimau Malaya kita mengganas kat padang and baham semua pasukan lawan. YEAH! Ngaum! Go HARIMAU! hehe, (over lah pulak)

Baru-baru ni, eh...bukan baru-baru ni, i mean sekarang ni kan tengah hot dengan PIALA AFF SUZUKI 2012, so...banyak lah malaysians yang tengah demam bola sekarang ni, termasuklah aku. ( no lah..i'm addicted sikit je. ;D )

Hurm...pada aku lah, we got a very nice team actually, pemain2 kita mmg sungguh besar bakat dan kemampuannya, but sometimes entah kenapa corak permainan diorang tidak memuaskan, and for the record...i'm a big fan of One Zack,Safee Sali and fahmi (apek). 

One zack, mmg menyerlah habis masa lawan dengan laos...safee sali, he's great, so damn great sbb die mmg striker. Dia bnyak jaringkan gol untuk malaysia (ada satu perlawanan dulu, tak ingat perlawanan ape) but sayangnya...ntah knpe bila lawan dgn laos semalam, bnyak gol yang die tersasar! So sad! Its like..die tau die kene jaringkan gol, but die tak tau mana pintu gol. Hissshhh!! Kecewa jugak la mlm tadi tgk performance die, kalau tidak...malam tadi malaysia da boleh dpt almost 7 goal tau!! (Safee sali, please main betul2 this saturday!! )

Fahmi...??? OMG, he's a hero dude! Pantang nampak bola, cepat je body die react! He's a goal saver and I  think, aku tak pernah lagi tengok goalkeeper yang setangkas die. True story! ^^, Ape kata anda..?? betul tak..??
Masa lawan dgn laos, die disimpan..but harap sgt2 masa lawan dgn indonesia sabtu ni nanti, die akan beraksi di padang! 
And...malam semalam, we all berkumpul tengok bola reramai! Me, my hubby, my dad, my sis, and my soon to be brother-in-law. My mom, tak dapat join sbb she's working.

Sakit tekak aku menjerit-jerit malam sokongan dari jauh. HAHA, and masa our team jaringkan gol, aku tersangat2 lah excited sampai menjerit sambil terlompat-lompat atas sofa (sampai patah kayu sofa aku kerjakan!) Hehe, nampak sangat badan dah berat! Ni over excited namanye. ^^, Nggeee
Sampaikan bila malaysia dapat jaringkan gol yang keempat, my hubby hold my body so tight and my dad, termasuk abang atip aku, menjerit suka dapat gol sambil menjerit2 kat aku and ingatkan aku jangan lompat2 lagi. (takut sofa patah lagi!) Hahahaha, sssooooo funny la that moment! ;D

Aku tak pandai sangat bab-bab bola ni, but my hubby said that if Malaysia nak senang hati lawan Indonesia, we kene jaringkan gol yg banyak supaya dapat point yang banyak. (Ok, tak faham sangat.) Then he show me this:

Okay..pada sesape yang nak tengok jadual perlawan pulak, sila klik klik di SINI tau!!
Seriously...MALAYSIA NEED TO WIN! GO HARIMAU!! baham pihak lawan (Tak sabar nak tengok bola sabtu ni. )

See you guys at the next entry and thanks for reading! <3 

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Besties Forever!!

Bonjour!! ^^, Okay...previously, ak buat entry about my buddy, but this time, i'll wrote an entry about my besties! Selain my buddy, ak ada my besties!! This two lovely besties of mine are called liza (Eyza) and Zue.
Well...Liza stands for Norliza  Musa and Zue stands for Nor Zulaikha.

Sape yang tak berkesempatan, or belum baca lagi entry bout my buddy, or teringin nak baca bout him, boleh la klik klik kat SINI!! ^^, Same as my buddy...aku berjumpa dengan my besties ni at sekolah jugak, cause kitorang satu kelas kan. 4 ICT, yup! We're a computer surgeon! Yeppi! ^^,

Masa mula-mula....aku tak berkawan dengan diorang ni, cause tak know each other and masing-masing ada puak masing-masing. Biasalah, girls kan...?? But, one fine day...yeah, one fine day...we talk to each other and make friends! We sort of being a gang, and it's an amazing group of friends that I've ever had!
I really-really love them...and we're so best being together! 
My lovely group!!

I do love them...and i treasure the moments of being together as a group till this very day. What we had back then, was not easy to forget..and I would never want to forget bout all these lovely person I've ever met. These another two frenz of mine is Ain and Amira. They're great! turns out, yang we only best at being three than five. It turns out yang aku, liza and zue are more likely together. Biasalah, girls have some issues, and the three of us stay friends and become besties till this very day. 

Liza and guys have to know that you guys are superb! You guys are my besties till the day one of us die. I love you guys so damn much and there's no words that can even describe what i feel about you guys for always being there for me! (Tears begin to fill my eyes as I wrote this entry... :') )
Both of you are such a good friends of mine, I kept both of you in the nicest and safest place inside my heart and forever you'll stay! ^^,

Dont you guys ever leave me cause I will haunted you down!! Ingat ni! ^^, Hehe, main ugut-ugut pulak. Sorry dear...! It's just that korang bermakna sangat2 dalam hidup aku and aku tak nak hilang korang langsung! 

For Liza, beb...thank you. THANK YOU sooooo much for always being there for me when i needed you the most!! OMG, I dont know what to say cause aku tak dpt cari kata2 yg sesuai utk express my feelings towards you. Just know that I do love you so much beb. Ko tau tu kan..?? In case you ever forget, baca balik "the book" yang pernah aku bg ko tu. Remember..."Jauh mana pun aku terbang, banyak mana pun aku melangkah, ramai mana pun orang yang aku jumpa, in the end...aku akan selalu balik pada kau, aku akan selalu cari kau." :') 

For my dear Zue...Beb, aku tau kita jauh, and semenjak ko pindah rumah, aku and liza tak selalu datang jumpa ko sebab byk halangan. Cuti tak sama, kredit tak ada, tak online selalu, ko kat KL, kitorang kat Melaka. I know that sometimes, we had never been there for you always...but, aku nak ko tau, even kita tak selalu jumpa, jarang berhubung kadang2, you're still my bestie forever!!! Ak tak kan pernah lupakan ko sampai mati, and i will always be there for you if you need me. Ingat ni! Jgn pernah terasa dgn aku, cause aku tak pernah lupakan ko, no matter what i do, and no matter how far we apart. Aku sayang ko tau zue! 
After all...hanya kita berdua je yang pernah rasa betapa sakitnya bila dicurangi right..?? ;)

Emi, buddy...thank you so much also for always being there for us (aku and apek). Just know that ko boleh count on us and we know that we can count on you too. We really hoping the best for you. Tak kisah ko sakit or orang buat, we always be there for you and support you! Promise me you'll never give up tau!! ^^,

Okay, tu my appreaciation for both my besties and my only buddy, cause I know that they will read this entry. ^^,
So, back to the story...these besties of mine mmg funny, superb, istimewa in their very own way, and they complete my life!! Susah senang, kami bersama...ponteng kelas sama-sama, bergaduh bersama, menangis bersama, ketawa, suka duka, fail exam, berjaya dalam exam, tak buat homework, ehh..pendek kata, semuanya bersama lah! Sama mcm my buddy la! We all connected! 
Me, my hubby, emi, eyza, and zue!! We're buddies!! Yeay!!
Ni la sahabat aku dunia akhirat! One of them is the love of my life..(who?? Of coz la my hubby)

Mereka ni lah sahabat aku dari zaman sekolah...sampai lah sekarang and forever. Friends forever really exist tau! Tak tipu...cause i know, ada antara you guys yang akan cakap, "there's no such thing as friends forever." But believe me....It is!!! Bila kita jumpa a few person yang tersangat-sangatlah sekepala, and serasi dengan kita, that's when Friends forever existed!

Well...for your information, again...tak sangka we all made it to the top. We all had become someone!!
Dari nothing, dari remaja sekolah yang enjoy sana sini when SPM is around the corner, went shopping,watch movies, karoeke, jalan sana sini, pergi tasik bagai, hari-hari lepak bilik akses surf internet, layan myspace, and all sort of incredible things, we manage to turn ourselves into SOMEONE rather than NO ONE!
Guys...seriously, I'm proud of US! 

With emi is in the NAVY, Ilham(my hubby) is a teacher-to-be (Major in TESL at IPTI ),
I'm doing my dip in Computer science ( bakal habis tak lama lagi, insyaAllah), Zue is a nurse in PPUM, and lastly Eyza who's doing her degree in UUM (Major in Hal Ehwal Antarabangsa). Wow...!! 
WOW..!! We're amazing right guys..?? Again, aku bangga sgt2 dgn kite semua! 

Well...maybe harapan and impian kitorang semua nak menjadi English teacher tak kesampaian, except for Zue cause dia memang minat sangat nak jadi Nurse, but at least...antara kite, ada jugak yang jadi English teacher kan? ^^, 
Sesungguhnya...apa yang kite semua jadi hari ni, apa yang kita ada, apa yang kita may become, lebih hebat dari apa yang pernah kita impikan dan harapkan masa sekolah dulu right...?? ^^,
Kuasa Allah kan guys...?? Alhamdullillah! THANK YOU ALLAH! I'm grateful to ALLAH.


Au revoir...!! Till then, 

My Day!

Assalamualaikum...hey there! Yes you! ^^, Miss me...?? Hehe, (perasan lebih)., i went to a clinic with my hubby cause i'm not feeling very well lately. I've been so damned tired, have some trouble of breathing, and else..but it's not serious. We're glad. 
Like my hubby said to me "Prepare for the worst, hope for the best!" ^^,
But...nanti kene pergi check up lagi. After that we went around, i felt like wanna eat some "kuih keria", you guys know what "kuih keria" is right...??

Kat Melaka ni, ada satu kedai yg mmg famous dgn kuih keria yg sedap sgt2! But, sadly for me, the stall was going under some improvement, so i need to wait until this 1 December to eat the deliciously delicate kuih keria. I want to go around little India to find some laddu, but tak byk kedai yg bukak..i want to eat burger king at DP, but the road is sooooo packed up. So....we have our lunch at Jusco, in chicken rice shop instead. 

I guess, this isn't really my day. Nevermind! Weekend-weekend mcm ni, of course la ramai orang kat bandar tu ha. Weekdays nanti, we'll headed back to there! After lunch, we do a little window shopping,
and head back home. I feel really2 tired.

Then my hubby come home, we spend time together...each day, mmg akan macam ni, cause i need to see him even skejap pun. Cause...nanti rindu. Hehe, mgada kan aku ni. My hubby said that aku ni manja sangat dengan die. Yup, it's true! Rumah kitorang tak jauh pun, 10 min da sampai da, then hari2 jumpe, but still...dont know why, I would always miss him when he's not around. 

Let say, dah dating sehari suntuk ni, then tak sampai 5 minit berjauhan, daaa rindu! 7 years...7 years together, but still...aku tak pernah jemu dengan my hubby. And yet, rindu untuk dia sentiasa ada dalam hati aku. May forever it will be! Amin!

That's all, oh's the pic of the famous and superbly kuih keria at Melaka. If some of you tak pernah try kuih keria ni lagi, or tak pernah tau pun about kuih keria guys should really head over here, and try it! Really! It's amazingly delicious. ^^,

Au Revoir! ^^, <3 <3

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Bert's Jr!!

Bonjour...!! Memandangkan aku bosan skrg..might as well as update blog je, ye tak..??
Last monday, me and my hubby went out together. Saje jalan-jalan. Malam ahad tu, aku pergi la makan burger bakar at bukit beruang with my hubby and our buddy,emi. Teringin nak makan burger bakar kat sana, cause tak pernah makan yang kat situ punye, then we head out la.

So...pergilah makan. Burger bakar dahsyat namanye. Korang pernah makan burger bakar tak..??? Hurm..for me, after we tried out the burger bakar...we prefer burger bakar at Bert's Jr la. Sbb lagi sedap!
Not that i said yang burger bakar dahsyat at bukit bruang tu tak sedap, sedaappp, but everybody ada taste masing2 kan...?? So..i'm just saying that me and my hubby prefer Bert's Jr. While my buddy emi, tak pernah lagi makan Bert's Jr tu. So die tak tau nak bezakan mcm mane. Haha, nevermind.

See the pic...??? Tu lah burger bakar, sape yang tak pernah makan lagi, boleh la cuba. ^^, Okay, time makan burger dahsyat ni, aku tak amik gmbr...sbb busy talking to each other + malas nak amik gmbr = tak de gmbr utk korang. Hehe! Harga die pun berpatutan. Boleh la korang usha-usha gmbar kat atas tu.

Okay, the pics below is Bert's Jr! Sape pernah makan...?? Sedapppp kan kan kan..?? Sape yang tak pernah makan...??? Try it! Tak rugi and berbaloi-baloi... ^^, Harga die tak mahal pun, we can afford it punyelah. 
Satu meal the price range is antara RM10-RM20...depend korang pilih meal ape la. Ada ala carte and ada set. 

And here is us..enjoying our meal! My hubby suka makan Bert's Jr ni. Me too! My hubby kenyang sampai sendawa banyak kali. Aku plak, suap-suap kan lagi my die makan. Mmg kenyang la cite die.., cuba teka meal sape yang tak habis tu...??? Yeay, betul! Aku la..tangki kecik je, but selera besar, ni la jadinye. Bercinta aku nak habiskan meal ni...besar sgt burgernye! My favourite..?? Grilled burger! Dua kali mkn kat sini, dua kali tu jugak la aku order meal yang sama. My hubby, suka tukar2 meal. Dapat rasa semua...and boleh find out mane yg sedap. 

Okay..that's all! Au revoir... ^^,

Mood Berubah-Ubah!

Assalamualaikum...bonjour! ^^, 
Here i am again...typing an entry and hoping that you guys would really enjoy reading my piece., I nak cerita pasal myself je. Nothing much actually.

Semenjak cuti sem routines are makan, tido, watch movies, dating, jadi driver, main game...and again, and again...
Bile dok umah tak buat pape ni, tak tau nak express mood ni macam mane.
Nak kate bosan..tak jugak. Nak kate tak bosan...tak jugak! Haissshh..pening2!

Kadang2, mood tu yang buat aku tak tentu arah. Who's this MOOD actually..?? Berani die kacau aku! HAHA, tak de lah. Okay, I'm crazy. ^^,
The thing is...masa mula2 cuti sem dulu, punyalah berkobar aku nak tengok movie2 yang tersimpan rapi dalam laptop ni...sampai tak sabar2 nak habis sem. Final pun buat ala malas je..

Then bile da cuti...gile tgk movie skejap, then x de mood nk tgk movie.
Gile blogging skejap...then tak de mood nak write entry.
Gile baca novel skejap..then malas nak baca lagi.
Gile main games kejap, then malas nak hadap lagi.

Sampai aku dah tak tau nak buat ape dah!! Gggrrr!! 
HELP ME guys!!! 
Mood ni asyik berubah2 je..sampai tak ikut musim langsung. Tension aku dibuatnye.
I need to do something...!!

But the thing is...what am i going and wanting to do...?? everytime cuti sem, aku jadi mcm ni.
Bile dok umah, bosan...bile keje plak, penat sampai rasa betapa beharganya dok kat rumah, boleh landing2, watch movies...rehat puas2, and so on...

Huh...STTRREESS!! k, tu je nak update! ^^,
Au Revoir!

Monday, 19 November 2012


Bonjour...!! demoiselles d'honneur guys! ^^, How's your day...?? Well, today ak nak share dgn korang about this movie. Since it was a good movie, so i thought wanna share it with you guys so that we can have a good fun together. ^^,

To be exact, i saw a poster of this movie when i'm in part three. Poster and tajuk die cukup buat aku tertawan, and since that day, I've been wanting to watch this i wait, i wait, and wait till this movie was up in theater, but..tak tau sama ada aku tersilap, tertinggal, or whatsoever, i never got to watch this movie...Sad! 

Here comes my one fine day...i get to watch it!! It was lovely...cause it's all about friendship, love and life.
Pretty sure, all that happen in this movie, were actually happen to one of us here...cause, well you know, it's called LIFE! 

The wedding, was absolutely great! Buat aku rasa nak join kawin sekali..HAHA
Seriously...lawa sesangat la. So, here's some of the pic: more thing that i loveeee from this movie was HOLD ON, by WILSON PHILIPS..its a lovely lovely song..! <3 <3 <3
You guys should hear it too!

Just in case the vid wasn't's the lyrics! ^^,

I know there's pain
Why do lock yourself up in these chains?
No one can change your life except for you
Don't ever let anyone step all over you
Just open your heart and your mind
Is it really fair to feel this way inside?

Some day somebody's gonna make you want to
Turn around and say goodbye
Until then baby are you going to let them
Hold you down and make you cry

Don't you know?
Don't you know things can change
Things'll go your way
If you hold on for one more day
Can you hold on for one more day
Things'll go your way
Hold on for one more day

You could sustain
Or are you comfortable with the pain?
You've got no one to blame for your unhappiness
You got yourself into your own mess
Lettin' your worries pass you by
Don't you think it's worth your time
To change your mind?


I know that there is pain
But you hold on for one more day and
Break free the chains
Yeah I know that there is pain
But you hold on for one more day and you
Break free, break from the chains

Some day somebody's gonna make you want to
Turn around and say goodbye
Until then baby are you going to let them
Hold you down and make you cry
Don't you know?
Don't you know things can change
Things'll go your way
If you hold on for one more day yeah
If you hold on

Don't you know things can change
Things'll go your way
If you hold on for one more day,
If you hold on
Can you hold on
Hold on baby
Won't you tell me now
Hold on for one more day 'Cause
It's gonna go your way

Don't you know things can change
Things'll go your way
If you hold on for one more day
Can't you change it this time

Make up your mind
Hold on
Hold on
Baby hold on

See...?? I told ya it's a lovely and nice songs to hear.
So...?? Go grab this movie now! Dont waste any more time. 
Au Revoir...!! ^^, 

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Monte Carlo!!

Bonjour les gars!! OMG!! Just finish watching this movie, and guess what guys....?? It's superb!! Sape tak pernah tengok cite ni...??? Go grab it now!! I think, every girls will love this movie. The scene and's superbly best!! 

Paris all the way to Monte Carlo...(*sighing). Nampaknya Paris and Monte Carlo will be up in my honeymoon list la jawabnya! (Bankrupt my hubby! LOL) But..Australia, would still be my first choice! Gosh, I love this movie! Nak tau ape yang best sgt...?? Can't tell you guys, there's no exact words to be used in describing this film magnifique! 

For those yang da pernah tgk, thumbs up kan guys...?? Well, got another movie to marathon with! 
Au revoir les gars! ^^,

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Entry Panjang VS Entry Pendek!

Morning guys....!! Wish you have a nice day! ^^, Me baru bangun ha...(tenyeh-tenyeh mata nak bagi view clear). It's sunday morning..and usually, ramai orang kawin hari ni,jemputan pun belambak-lambak tu ha. My mom ask me ikut ke wedding her friend, but i dont want too. Malas! Dulu masa ak ngan kakak ak kecik-kecik, selalu je ikut my parents go to wedding. But now..bile da besar-besar belaka ni, malas la den.
Tak gemau ...(bahasa orang melaka.)

Everytime diajak, everytime tu jugak lah aku tolak. Sape kat sini yang tak suka pergi orang kawin jugak...??? angkat jari!! LOL Well, macam wedding yg aku attend with my hubby semalam, lain cerita la cause yang itu aku terpaksa pergi sebagai wakil my daddy. Kalau kene jadi wakil, and my hubby ada untuk temankan, aku boleh. But, if my hubby tak de, aku kene's a NO. ^^,

Hurm...entry panjang VS pendek...?? Actually, sape kat sini yang prefer entry panjang, and sape prefer entry yang pendek...??? For me, dua-dua ada pro and kontranya.

Entry Panjang VS Entry Pendek!
Well, a reader la kan, contohnya macam diri aku. If aku da minat nak baca sesuatu like blog , aku lebih suka baca entry yang panjang. Sebab...??? Hurm...sebabnya, it's fun to read! 
Contohnya, if kita ni follow blog bloggers terkenal like Irine Nadia la kan, everytime she published an entry, whether it's long or short, semua suka baca kan..?? tak berganjak pun mata korang dari screen tu kan..?? Cause why...?? Bila kita da suka something, panjang or pendek..kita tak kesah daa..cause kita rasa macam nak, nak dan nak baca kan...?? 

Sebab tu la..entry panjang ni agak penting sebenarnya. It keep readers coming back for more sbb we had wrote an entry yang buat diorang rasa nak baca. Well, panjang tu bukan mcm entry yg terlampau-lampau panjang tau, cause that will make readers boring to read. Yelah, sampai da panjang nau....
But, if we want to write entry yang panjang-panjang, of coz kite kene make the writing fun to read! Baru la readers tak bosan. Kan guys...??

Entry yang pendek's good! Sbb mempercepatkan page diupload. Haha, kidding! Entry yang pendek ni pun bagus as long as kita sajikan readers dengan writing yang tepat, mampat dan padat. ^^, 
Proses pembacaan pun jadi menarik..and kadang2, bagus buat entry pendek to keep readers coming back for more right..??? Sbb again, bila kita da familiar dgn satu-satu blog, we keep coming back for more! Yeahh! But, kadang-kadang bila terlampau pendek sangat, readers akan kecewa and mumbling "Laaa...sampai sini je..?? Kenape tak tulis lebih sikit...nak baca lagi..!!" (Okay, yg ni most happen to me!)

But kadang-kadang, as a blogger from my point of view, entry jadi panjang sebab we try to make it fun for you guys, supaya korang tak jemu membaca, and sebab entry tu need a lot of information or ada terlalu byk benda yg nak disharing-sharing kan. Sebab if a blogger tak pandai amik hati pembaca, sape plak yang nak bace blog kami??? I'm a blogger(Baru je lagi....and tak famous! LOL) but i'm also a readers. So entry my point of view. Sekadar pendapat aku lah. Pendapat korang...?? Boleh la share-share kat ruangan comment ye! ^^,

Istanbul Aku Datang!

Hey there! ^^, Istanbul aku datang....hurmmm....ada apa dengan Istanbul Aku Datang ni ek...??
Well, firstly, aku tengok trailer movie ni kat youtube pun sebab my bestie Eyza, upload kat fb die. If tak, mmg satu ape aku tak tau pasal movie ni, cause yeah..i'm not into Malay movie. No offense guys...but, really. Me and my hubby mmg not into malay movie...i dont know why.Ehhh...?? I think i do know...maybe sbb malay movie nie, jalan or plot ceritanya, always the same kot. It's kinda boring la for us. Da dpt agak da jalan cerita, and ending dia macam mane.

Setiap kali me and my hubby went for movies, English movie jadi pilihan..mmg jarang gile la tgk malay movie. Ada tu ada, but jarang. Ehhh...?? Jangan la marah guys, ak tau korang semua penyokong filem melayu, aku tak cakap salah kan..?? Keep up the good work guys!! If kita tak support industri filem melayu, sape lagi nak support right...??? But, just saying...and honestly, i'm not one of the supporter. Sorry!

Well, berbalik kpd movie diatas, hurmm..trailer die amat-amat la menarik. Tu yang buat aku tertarik tarik ajak my hubby pergi tengok movie nie. See...??? ak tengok jugak kan...?? ahha! Berposak jugaklah pujuk my hubby ajak tengok cite ni...first-first skali korang tau apa yg hubby aku tanya bile ak ajak tengok movie ni..?? My hubby ask "Sape pelakon dia..??" Then ak pun jawablah lisa, tomok, and beto..(actually, i didn't know beto ni sape) Tak pernah tau yg die wujud! Nggee...

Then my hubby said..."Tomok??? Tomok...??? Ishh, tak nak lah yang! Abang tak nak tengok! Kita tengok cite lain ea sayang." HAHA, tau knpe my hubby tak nak tengok cite ni if tomok ada..?? Cause he said, die ngan tomok mmg tak sebulu. LOL! just kidding guys! My hubby tak gemar dengan tomok ni cause dulu kan die popular dgn new boys with lagu "Sejarah mungkin berulang...."(Nyanyi dalam nada sengau tomok! ;D)
Haha! Sbb tu la my hubby mati-mati tak mau tgk...but sbb ak, dia tgk jugak. Yeay!! ^^,

Bila part tomok kuar, tergeleng-geleng kepala dia dalam wayang, dengan muka frust!! Sambil tutup sebelah mata cause tak nak pandang tomok. He's sooo funny!! ^^, Then, both of us seludup all sort of gummi bears, makan smbil tgk movie ni. Haha! Jahat tak kitorang...?? (Eleh, korang pun mesti pernah buat macam ni kan..???) *Wink!

Okay, the movie..boleh tahan great la cause jalan ceritanye lain dari yang lain. It's good actually, plus *whisper (It's because I love Istanbul!!! Masjid Biru dihatiku!!) but yg buat frust tu is because camera movie ni tak cantik sgt, the scene masa mula-mula tu kelam and gelap, agak rosak mood jugak la. Then know what's best...??? Sbb dlm movie tu ada scene lisa masak megi asam laksa guna microwave, then ak pun nak try! Balik je, terus cari megi asam laksa tu, and aku pun tiru la masak dlm microwave jugak.

Dont know la cara aku masak tu betul ke salah, cause rasa dia agak lain la skit berbanding if we masak kat dapur. But, at least aku puas hati dapat try! LOL. Ni smua pasal terpengaruh dengan movie! oh, btw..dlm movie tu, blog lisa agak canggih and bila nak log out je, mesti ada caption "XoXo, D". Perasan tak..??Then i said, after this ramai la blogger pakai XoXo at their entry ending. But if u guys notice, ak pun ada pakai XoXo ni jugak kan...??? Tp ak tak tiru lisa tau, ak mmg da pakai bnda ni sejak mula buat blog ni lagi. Tak percaya..?? Bacalah entri ak yg lama-lama tu, mesti ada punye. So...Anyway, hope you guys do enjoy reading my entry. Xoxo!! ^^,

Majlis Kahwin!

Hey guys....what's up ya'll...?? Hihi, try rap kejap...Actually, nak kongsi ape yang me buat hari ni.
Nak tau ape...?? For the first time and my hubby pergi menghadiri majlis kahwin kawan ayah aku at Taman Seri Krubong at noon.

Oleh kerana my daddy tak dapat hadir atas urusan kerja, then he ask a favor from me and my hubby...mintak tolong jadi wakil, sbb tak sedap pulak orang da jemput, then my daddy tak hadir kan...?
So...again, for the first time ever, both of us went to the wedding(Rasa macam da kahwin pulak bila pergi hadiri wedding orang berdua. Hahaks!) ^^,

Unfortunately, hari ni hujan ak rasa kesian kat owner majlis tu, nak-nak lagi pengantin, cause tadi ada dua pengantin yang bersanding serentak. Kiranya, dua-dua anak perempuan kawan ayah aku, bersanding sekali la. (My mom bercadang nak buat my sis and my wedding serentak like this, but me and my sis protes tak nak! Cause nanti tetamu yang datang, tak focus sangat kat my sis or me. Mestilah diorang nak tgk both pengantin kan...?? So, attention to one bride, mcm da kene curi! Haha, den tak mau!) Temanya, merah hitam tau.(My tema nanti warna hitam hijau! Hehe) Cantik wedding td....but sbb hujan, and tetamu pun ramai sgt yang datang, keadaan jadi agak messy sikit la.

Kesian pengantin tak dapat berarak betul-betul.Yelah, sbb kahwinkan sekali je seumur hidup, mesti lah kita nak hari yang paling bahagia tu be perfect kan....?? Tapi hujan tu rezeki yang ALLAH turunkan buat kita, so if it's destined, we have to accept it. Satu je yang aku terkilan, tak amik gambar pulak tadi ngan my hubby. haha, terlupa! Sebab both of us slalu sgt kuar dating, hari-hari, sampai nak bergambar pun boleh terlupa. Nggeee!!

The question is...when is my wedding..???? JENG, JENG, JENG....!!! (Insya-Allah, coming soooonnnnn!!)
Mudah-mudahan...dipercepatkan. ^^, Tolong doakan tau guys.
But, i think la kan...if me kawin..haisshhh, pening kepala nak menjemput jemputan...cause both of us bercinta dari form one, and boleh kata semua nak datang my majlis. Kat fb tu, kawan-kawan lama, kawan-kawan baru semuanya pesan "Anis, Kawin nanti, jangan lupa jemput tau!!!" LOL, pening den...bukan pening ape, kang manalah tau, dalam sibuk-sibuk tu, terlupa plak sorang dua, dah kecik hati...tak ke susah...???

Eh...den ni bercerita macam den nak kawin bulan depan pulak. No laaaahhh....sekadar bercerita je...dedah information skit-skit je boleh leeee, nak lebih-lebih kene tggu confirm. HIHI! Yang penting, kene lepaskan my sis punya wedding dulu! Excitednya!!!
Daaaa guys, XoXo!! ^^,


Assalamualaikum guys...!!
Membara-bara hati ni time nak tulis entry kali ni tau. Oh, you know why...??? Cause I cant stand a COPYCAT! Gggrrr...!! Copycat..?? Yup, copycat...!

What will you feel bila ada la manusia ni yang suka sangat meniru anything yang korang buat, or they want to have everything like you do. Mesti sedikit sebanyak korang rasa annoying gila-gila dengan manusia tu kan...?? Ha..benda tu la yang tengah jadi kat aku sekarang ni. Eh, bukan korang tau. Ada la manusia tu...(nama dirahsiakan).

Well, to be precise...tak salah if kita nak buat something yang sama, have a thing in common with anybody else..but, try to be creative lah. If korang da start buat something dulu, lets say like a movie review la kan, then you know "hamba Allah" tu...tak pernah pun nak buat movie review the way you do...Boleh kata, everything yang dia pernah write is about hidup dia then, after dia tau korang ada buat benda-benda like this...dia pun buat! Exactly pulak tu....Haaa! Amacam....??

Berbulu tak korang dengan orang yang macam ni...??? Mesti berbulu kan..?? Ni kes stalker stalker la nak stalk I, I dont mind...stalk la sampai bengkak pun, but no need to steal ones idea la. It's not good..infact it shows that you're not creative. So..pada yang berkenaan, sila lah terasa ye.



Heartbeat! Yes...i has my two special heartbeat that i will always love and miss no matter how far they live, no matter how big they will grown up, no matter how old i will be...these two lovely kids, will always be my heartbeat.... <3
My lovely Alif and Yin!! <3
Who are they...?? They are the youngest cousin in my family...these are my lovely and adorable cousins that i took a good care of since the day they was born to this world. They call me "Kak ngah"...and i will always be their Kak ngah forever! I dont know why..but aku paling sayang these two...anak pak busu aku!

They lives in Johor Bahru...and soon, i'll get my third heartbeat cause my mak busu is pregnant now. Aku suka sangat melayan keletah diorang berdua ni cause they are sooo sweet! Diorang tak nakal yang jahat-jahat tu..diorang hanya nakal biasa-biasa je. Sesetengah kids kan ada yang degil, ada yang pandai menipu, and many more, but my heartbeat...??? Diorang tak macam tu! 

Cause I had my eyes fix on them...diorang dengar kata, baik..funny, and sweet sesangat. If diorang balik melaka, hmmppphh...memang aku la orang pertama yang diorang cari. Kadang-kadang, masa diorang tengah otw dari jb ke melaka, da call aku awal2 suruh datang my grandma house to meet them. Adorable right...?? Yin paling rapat dengan aku cause sejak die kecik, aku selalu naik jb, tido rumah pak busu aku..and at that time, aku yang jaga dia. Mandikan dia, bg dia makan...

Sampaikan dia nak aku melebihi ibu die sendiri..if mak busu aku nak mandikan or pakai kan dia baju, or apa-apa je lah, dia akan cakap "Yin tak nak ibu, yin nak kak ngah." :') How sweet is that...?? Bila diorang ada kat melaka, yin always nak tido dengan aku. Mati-mati pesan "Kak ngah jangan pergi mana-mana tau. Yin nak tido dengan kak ngah malam ni." :')
Or she will persuaded me to stay over my grandma house almost every second..."Kak ngah, kak ngah tido sini tau. Janji...??? Alah..kak ngah tido la sini...kita nak dengan kak ngah!" :')

When i'm free..ak tido la dengan yin, but now cause i'm always busy and have my plans, most of the night, i have to let her down... :'(  "Sorry sayang...kak ngah terpaksa. Bukan kak ngah tak nak tido dengan yin...tapi kak ngah ada kerja...ada plan..." Sometimes, aku rasa sedih and kecewa sbb terpaksa kecewakan yin..but if ak tak tidur dengan dia, i'll make sure, bila aku datang to meet her, ak akan layan dia sungguh2. Apa yang dia nak, aku turutkan..

Alif...??? Ohhhh...he's cute!! Sweet boy ever!! Comel lote dengan pelat dia tue...a very good boy! Tak terkata bila melayan karenah dia...byk cakap kadang-kadang. LOL 
Dia pun rapat sgt dengan aku...sama macam kakak dia, yin. Macam mana aku dengan yin, macam tu lah aku dengan dia. I loovvveee them sooo much! Rindu bila tak jumpa...rindu nak cium-cium pipi mongel diorang. Both of them ni sooo clever! Betul-betul cerdik. One day, aku ada bawak alif jalan-jalan with me and my hubby..and semua orang ingat, alif anak kitorang. HAHA...da agak da!

My hubby ask me just now when we arrive at my grandma house to meet and play with them...he said "Apa ayang akan rasa bila yin and alif da besar...time tu diorang jarang cakap dengan ayang, buat hal diorang sendiri je, kiranya tak cerita or cari-cari ayang macam sekarang?" 
Honestly...i had no answers for that questions cause of course aku akan rasa sedih if that happens, but i'll pray to ALLAH, may what we have now, will remain the same forever! Like i've said matter what happen, I'm always their KAK NGAH, FOREVER...and they will always be my YIN and ALIF till ever...! 

And my hubby said " Abang rasa if that happens, ayang mesti akan rasa macam semua ibu-ibu yang lain. Yelah, bila anak diorang dah besar, da mula ada hidup sendiri, mesti diorang akan jadi pendiam semua. Tak nak kongsi anything dengan kita. Mesti ayang akan rasa sedih." Yes...if that happens, i'll be sad hubby...but like i've said before...i'll make sure that will not happen to us. Please Allah...

Mohd Alif Akmar and Nurin Asfariza....I'll LOVE  both of you, till my last breath! <3 <3 <3

Apa yang aku nak sampaikan sebenarnya....??? Nothing! ak just nak kongsi about my heartbeat to you guys...! Tak salah kan...?? ^^, 
bye guys...Xoxo!

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Love Birds!

Hai guys! Okay, sementara ak ada mood dan tgh rajin nak buat entry ni...i'll write terus la k.Okay, pada sesiapa yang baru je baca my blog ni...if korang nak lebih faham tentang entry kali ni, korang kenelah rajin-rajinkan diri korang baca entry yang ITU dan yang INI!! (Klik klik pada perkataan ITU dan INI untuk korg mudah membaca k...) ^^,

Korang tau tak ape yang paling best skali yang pernah kitorang dapat...??? Masa PMR dan SPM, meja kitorang sebelah-sebelah tau!! really..tak tipu! tak percaya...??? nah tengok bukti ni!
Love Birds! <3 ^^,
Pelik kan guys...??? beratus kot calon PMR and SPM dlm sekolah kitorg, but...dah takdir yang meja kitorang sebelah-sebelah time PMR and SPM yang sebenar. Jodoh kitorg still kuat masa hadap dua exam yang besar time sekolah dulu. Tak terhingga rasa syukur ak pada ALLAH! Sampai kawan-kawan kitorang pun terkejut and cakap "Pergghhh...gila ar. Kuat gile jodoh korang." See...?? ^^, 

Tak payah terisau-risau or tertinjau-tinjau nak tgk die time exam. Toleh je sebelah, da nampak my hubby! HEHE.... ^^, Masa habis PMR, ak risau sgt2 yg kitorg akan terpisah cause mostly la kan..after PMR je, ramai budak yg nk pindah sekolah cause nk masuk sekolah teknik bagai. Time tu ak risau sangat2 yg family kitorg akan pindahkan kitorg parents ugut ak if ak x dapat 8A in PMR, ak kene pindah sekolah. Takut punya pasal..ak punye la pulun..alhamdulillah..dpt 7A 1B pun ok what. I'm save!! LOL

Then mase form 4...ak amik aliran ICT and my hubby amik sains teknikal. Time tu blur2 lagi nk amik aliran sains ape, main masuk jelah. Then, at last my hubby pindah masuk my kelas, 4 ICT cause dia nak we be together in form 5 too. Suka sgt! Pucuk dicita, ulam mendatang la katakan...then, kitorang belajar la sama2. Meja ak paling depan sekali cause ak x suka dok belakang! Nak belajar! Hehe..meja my hubby plak belakang meja ak. Once again, tak payah susah-susah jalan jauh2 nak jumpa or cakap dengan my hubby. Toleh je belakang tu ha..da settle masalah! Borak la sampai lebam! 

After SPM plak...skali lagi ak risau. Risau cause...ak buntu and tak tau ape akan jadi pada hubungan ni, cause memang kitorang rapat sangat2...kitorang berkongsi segalanya! Susah senang, suka duka...gadget,money, everything la. What we had, tak mungkin ada pada couple yang lain cause seriously..both of us da macam laki bini dah.. 

Wait a minute, laki bini bukan bermaksud both of us da terlanjur or what! Not that way okay. Think positive guys..Laki bini yg ak maksudkan is that since form 2, ak yg sediakan everything untuk die. Like baju sukan...bekal makan, bekal baju. Segala kelengkapan la pendek kata, ak yg uruskan. Ak bangun pagi2 around 5 am, cook a dish for him sbb kitorg merancang perbelanjaan kitorang. 

Kitorang pergi sekolah pun naik satu moto berdua...jalan kaki sama-sama, when we go out dating, naik bas sama-sama. Semuanya la. Sampaikan homework dia pun ak yg tolong buatkan. HAHA, LOL..mengarut...? Maybe, but itulah KAMI. Kalau ak tak uruskan dia, memang tak terurus la dia jadinya. Betul..tak tipu. Ak da try da. But...tak menjadi, he need me, and i need him. So..?? We shared our lives together. Most people tak faham..but it's okay, biar kami berdua je yang faham. 

Ape yang aku risaukan after SPM...??? Aku risau..and aku fikir, macam mana if salah sorang dari kitorang kene masuk PLKN...?? What if one of us CURANG...?? What if tetiba...after 5 years, hidup sama2, siang malam berjumpa, SMS 24/7...all year long, then suddenly, semua tu has to change sbb belajar kat tempat yg lain-lain...??? What if relationship ni tak berakhir kat jinjang pelamin like we always want and hope for...??? 
What will happen to us and our relationship...if all of that thing happens...??? 
What if....???

Seriously...i'm damn scared, cause he's the one I couldn't live without! Till next entry...
will be continued guys..! ^^,