Sunday, 4 November 2012

Valentine's Day!

First of all, i knew as a muslim, we're not allowed or not supposed to celebrate this very day, known as valentine's Day. But i just wanna recall the sweetness, loveliness  and what a great moral value that this movie had brings up to us...mind if i asking, have you guys watch this movie?? if you have not, then you really had to do something now! get up on your feet, and drove to the nearest DVD stall and grab the story now! laahhh..i'm just kidding. I just wanna share with you guys how much i love this movie.

Its about intertwining couples and singles in Los Angeles break-up and make-up based on the pressures and expectations of Valentine's Day. Its a very interesting story that i had ever watch actually. On the day I went to watch this movie, i dont really know that this movie has been up in the cinema list. To be cleared and honest, i actually didn't really know that this movie was existed at that, me and my love just went to the cinema and thinking, and thinking, and thinking, what kind of movie that we should watch since we dont even had a movie to watch in our mind.

So..i just thought maybe we should watch this movie since we had nothing to lose or to win. But the thing is...i didn't expect that this movie were ssssoooooo PERFECT! I love the scenes, i love the actors, and i love them all. I just love them...This movie teach us about love and mostly relationship. Sape2 yg tgh in relationship, engaged, or even married should really take the moral of this story. It makes us realize if we had ever made a mistake in our relationship, it made us realize and to appreciate what we had, mostly the people whom we're in love with. Take a look at these picture:

Reed Bennett(Ashton Kutcher) and his best friend Julia Fitzpatrick (Jennifer Garner)

Tgk tu...diorg sweet sgt kan? wish diorg btul2 in relationship in reality. dlm cite ni, ashton dgn jessica alba, da btunang da pun, but ntah jessica alba ni takut sgt org tau die da engaged then die tolak si ashton...poor ashton! Oh, dlm cite ni ashton jadi florist! Sooo sweet! Julia plak is a teacher..and die pun in relationship but sayangnye...julia x tau yg pakwe die tu rupe2nye suami org, and she only knew that when she fly to meet with her boyfriend in San francisco on this very day which is??? Valentine's.... yup!

Kate Hazeltine(Julia Roberts) and her new friend  Holden Wilson(Bradley Cooper)

Yg ni lg x disangka2...cube tgk muka actor laki tu. Handsome kan?? Penuh ciri2 kelakian sejati (hahaha) but...tetibe at the end of the story, die ni gay!! OMG! And suprisingly, gay die tu trsangat2 la handsome jugak, yg blakon dlm cite Grey's Anatomy as Dr. Marl Sloan tu la. Tau x?? If x tau, ni ha gmbr die. 

Haha, see...??? serious x sangka! :P Dlm plane, si julia roberts dgn laki tu, kmain la romantik. Laki tu pulak nmpak mcm single, and julia pun nmpk mcm single. Rupenye..julia on the plane nk pg jumpe anak die, and laki tu nk pegi jumpe gay die yg kat atas ni ha. Bile teringat balik pasal diorg ni, rasa mcm nk ktawa pun ada.

Liz Currand(Anne Hathaway) and her boyfriend Jason Morris (Topher Grace)

For the record, i love these two! I think they're perfect for each other! Diorg ni sooo swweeettt! haha...Again! Sape yg da tgk tu, tau la ape yg sweet pasal diorg ni. Spe yg belum....? Hurmmm.... ;)

Sooo..basicly, tu je kot yg ak nk review. Saje nk penuhkan post sbenarnye..haha KANTOI disitu..! Eventhough movie ni da lama, but in my mind, it's not! Ape kata anda??? Lama atau baru..yg penting, as long as it leaves a good impact in our eyes, brain, and heart, yg da bkurun lama pun oleh trasa baru. Kan guys...?? 

Da~~~ ;)


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