Friday, 9 November 2012

Get To Know!

Hey...and hai everybody! ^^, Whatcha doin right now...??? Ok, let's begin...Mula2 ak rase mcm x nak buat entri get to know ni...but, because they are part of me, so...i guess, why not?
I'll be doin the get to know by episodes okay, sbb kalau semua watak nak dimuatkan dlm satu entri, I think, 2 hari pun maybe you all tak habis bace entry i ni...or..kalau nasib x baik, silap2 you guys skip terus entry ni kan. Tau daaa...

Sbb tu i'll be doin it by episodes...haha! biar bersiri sikit...memudahkan you all faham, and memudahkan I menulis. Fair and square kan...! Ok, kali ni I nak make entry about MY LOVELY DADDY AND MOMMY!

Ok, guys..focus tau! ;P  They are the love of my life! Seriously, i cant live without them. I cant live with one of them as well cause i need them both by my side,not one, but both of them in my life, always until forever and ever! Why...??? Cause I loveeee them with all my heart!

All my life, ape saja yang my sis and i want, we'll get it. Tak kira la ape yang kitorang mintak tu mahal, murah, susah or senang nak dapat, or whatever je lovely parents tak pernah gagal sekali pun dalam memenuhi kehendak kitorang. They such a lovely, adorable, sporting parents!
They make a good combination when they were together! They meant for each other!

My dad is the coolest father in the world! He's the greatest! Cause he loves us so much. He's a joker, he always love to jokes around with us. Die cepat susah hati bile anything jadi kat anak2 and isteri die. Even if he know yang anak die demam, die cepat2 nak balik rumah to take care of us. When he know i'm cooking for lunch, even when i'm still a beginner, die rushing balik rumah cause die nak makan air tangan anak die. :')
He'll do anything for us.

My mom?? She's the greatest mom in the world! Die tabah, cekal hadapi dugaan. She took a good care of us! She's soooo cute, adorable, full of love! She's the greatest cooker in the world too. Air tangan mak, mmg sedap kan? My mom, sanggup sacrifice anything and everything for her family. Even x de untuk die pun tak pe. Even die tak makan pun x pe, as long as her family gets what they should. Pengorbanan seorang ibu...sungguh besar! Kan guys?

Each and every single day, ak mohon dan berdoa pada ALLAH supaya berikan ak kesempatan dan peluang untuk membahagiakan kedua ibu bapa ak seperti mana mereka membahagiakan my sis and me. At least, sebelum mereka menutup mata, ak mohon pada ALLAH, berilah aku peluang untuk memenuhi semua keinginan mereka sepertimana mereka berusaha memenuhi keinginan me and my sis. Ak nak sangat2 berbakti pada mereka sehabis baik dan sekuat semampu aku, cause they are MY TREASURE!!
Always and forever...I LOVE BOTH OF THEM SOOO DAMN MUCH! :')

<3 <3 Till then...bye guys! 

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