Monday, 5 November 2012


Assalamulaikum....Hye! How's ur day? Hope you'll enjoy reading. Hurmmm...korg nk tau x sape yg inspire ak utk buat blog ni? X tau kan....? Well...i wanna dedicate my thanks to our very famous blogger IRINE NADIA MARCELLO & LYSSA FAIZUREEN! Seriously guys, THANK YOU SO MUCH to both of you. 

Eventhough this two famous blogger x kenal pun ak ni sape...but i do know them. I read their blog everyday...! Irine Nadia inspire me to create my blog...while Lyssa Faizureen plak, become my blog tutor! Both of them have their own role and they make such a good contribution and inspiration for a new bloggie like me. 

Seeing both of them succeed in life makes me wanna create my success too. I may not be as famous as they are...I may not be knowledgeable as they are, my blog may not be entertaining as they are, my writing may not be exciting as they are,but....that's the point guys! Everybody is different cause everyone has their own weaknesses and specialty. That's what make it more interesting right?? 

If everyone is the same...,what's the unique in our personality? Soo...we have to be different from others, we have to be our self. This is me...and I want to be me, cause I appreciate my life and my self. I'm grateful for what I've had and for things that I may gain...Alhamdullilah, THANK YOU ALLAH!

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