Saturday, 24 November 2012

My Day!

Assalamualaikum...hey there! Yes you! ^^, Miss me...?? Hehe, (perasan lebih)., i went to a clinic with my hubby cause i'm not feeling very well lately. I've been so damned tired, have some trouble of breathing, and else..but it's not serious. We're glad. 
Like my hubby said to me "Prepare for the worst, hope for the best!" ^^,
But...nanti kene pergi check up lagi. After that we went around, i felt like wanna eat some "kuih keria", you guys know what "kuih keria" is right...??

Kat Melaka ni, ada satu kedai yg mmg famous dgn kuih keria yg sedap sgt2! But, sadly for me, the stall was going under some improvement, so i need to wait until this 1 December to eat the deliciously delicate kuih keria. I want to go around little India to find some laddu, but tak byk kedai yg bukak..i want to eat burger king at DP, but the road is sooooo packed up. So....we have our lunch at Jusco, in chicken rice shop instead. 

I guess, this isn't really my day. Nevermind! Weekend-weekend mcm ni, of course la ramai orang kat bandar tu ha. Weekdays nanti, we'll headed back to there! After lunch, we do a little window shopping,
and head back home. I feel really2 tired.

Then my hubby come home, we spend time together...each day, mmg akan macam ni, cause i need to see him even skejap pun. Cause...nanti rindu. Hehe, mgada kan aku ni. My hubby said that aku ni manja sangat dengan die. Yup, it's true! Rumah kitorang tak jauh pun, 10 min da sampai da, then hari2 jumpe, but still...dont know why, I would always miss him when he's not around. 

Let say, dah dating sehari suntuk ni, then tak sampai 5 minit berjauhan, daaa rindu! 7 years...7 years together, but still...aku tak pernah jemu dengan my hubby. And yet, rindu untuk dia sentiasa ada dalam hati aku. May forever it will be! Amin!

That's all, oh's the pic of the famous and superbly kuih keria at Melaka. If some of you tak pernah try kuih keria ni lagi, or tak pernah tau pun about kuih keria guys should really head over here, and try it! Really! It's amazingly delicious. ^^,

Au Revoir! ^^, <3 <3

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