Sunday, 4 November 2012

Finally!!! HHoorrreeyy!! ;)


Hye again!! Hihi, I'm madly in joy right now! Cant find the most specific words to express my feelings right now, and do you guys know why...?? Well....finally, i have my own blog!! Yeeeppppiii!!! Happy for me!!
Hahaha..notice all the tanda seru behind every words up there?? Thats how i wish to scream out loud right now, but...i cant cause right now i'm at home and....its pretty late actually,so...i guess i'll wait until i find the right time to scream in joy!!! ;D

Soooo...i've got to say that "Hangat-hangat tahi ayam" quotes, finally dont seem to suit me at all! Cause i've done it! I'm done finishing my blog, i dont abandone my blog, and dream will come true! I just have to put an extra effort in it..and the next thing i'll know is SUCCEED! 

So the moral is...what we really want to become, what we really want to achieve in our life tak kan, dan tak kan pernah datang bergolek kat kite. We need to run and achieve success with all of our effort. So mmg betul la kata pepatah, usaha tangga kejayaan! ;)

Catch with you guys later! Good night, sleep tight readers. ;)

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