Thursday, 20 September 2012


Mse nk buat blog ni mlm td, ak ttba jd x keruan sgt. Rase x sabar2 nk create a blog, then spntas kilat capai phone and call my hubby, mintak izin die, blh x if i nk buat blog. Then, he gave me a green light! For that particular time, i do felt happy and excited. Finally, i've my own blog! But, suddenly when i woke up this morning, slowly i feel regret. regret of creating this blog. DOnt know why..maybe bnda ni smua tlalu cpt bg aku. I'm not used to changes cause i hate it soooo much! I hate a new environments, i dont know how to make friends until someone approaches me and wanna make me as their friend instead!  Truk kan aku ni? Ak x sombong, but i just dont know how to make a first step in anything.

'J'm a very2 shy person actually. If you do know me well, you'll know how shy i am. Aku hnye reti bmesra and rapat dgn org2 yg rapat dgn aku je. Klu da rapat ngan aku, haa..then u'll know btapa gile2 nye prangai aku ni. But, i had a principle. When it's time to go crazy, i'll say lets go bananas!! but, when it's time to get serious, i'll say, stop fooling around cause it's not funny at all! 

Now? slowly i calm myself down saying that if u worked hard enough to achieve what u want in ur life, then u'll get it. Just dont give up for now, cause remember..there's a rainbow behind every dark cloud!  We just need to stay calm and be patient! right guys?

Actually, ak ni slalu buat kje sparuh jalan je. Bak kate pepatah, hangat-hangat tahi lembu. lah, hangat - hangat tahi ayam..cause, ntah la. mula2 je ak bsemangat nk achieve something, then da mls da. 

Ak prnah ckp kt my earlier post yg my ambition is to be a novelist right? but, smpai hari ni x jadi2 lg..why? ce teka? sbb hangat-hangat tahi ayam tu la, ak x jd novelist smpai skrg! jahat kan tahi ayam tu? Dahsyat btul pgaruh tahi die. hahaha, i'm just kidding!  Actually, ak da start writing cerpen and novel since form 5 lg...novel ak pun da smpai bab 7, but trbengkalai cam tu je sbb x de mood sgt nk smbung mnulis. mls mguasai diri ni. 

So..trbiar je la manuskrip ak tu. trkubur la impian nk jd novelist. but, who knows, after da kawin nnti, ak smbung mnulis balik? haaa...time tu mgkin la, mgkin cita2 ak akn trcapai dgn jayanye! ;) 

For this blog, i'll make sure it will always alive even when i'm dead! (Ayat hiperbola sgt).
just nk make sure, yg kali ni i wont let that tahi ayam mess with my will ever again! So..tahi ayam, you better watch out tau! Da~~~  ;)

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