Wednesday, 19 September 2012

An EvENt at 12.13 aM!

hye everyone!  First of all, i would like to had an opening about my self. I'm ANIS BTE ASHIKALI, a sweet 20 years old girl. You can call me anis as my nme only contain those four alphabets. Wondering why it is only "ANIS"? I dont have an answer for that, but as far as know, i love to be an ANIS as i know and learn the fact that there's no other me in this loveable world! 

Today, i had made a big step ahead in my life . What is it actually? I used to said that my ambition is to be a novelist one fine day, but until now, the day has never even come in my life. But, something else did! I dont know where did i collect something called "brave" but tonight i'm already become a blogger than a novelist instead! Yes, i'm proud! At least, i have achieve and ready to make a big changes in my life. Kite hidup sekali je dalam dunia ni, so why not we try to make our life more colourful and full of memories so that one day ahead, we can look back at our life, and smile brightly as we connecting the dots of moments that full with a lovely treasures. Right guys? 

I used to say to myself that i do feel like wanna create a blog, just to share about the mystery of life, but i also do feel that actually, i need to give my life a privacy. If everything needs to be told, there wouldn't be a mystery at all. But, i guess, i change my mind on this very day, on this very night. I do hope you guys will accept me as a newbie and do follow my blog as i will keep updating it. I'm not an artist, i'm not a special girl, but i'll try my best to live my life as I want! 

I guess that's all from me for the time being...hye again, and bubbye for now! 

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