Thursday, 20 September 2012

HoME SWEet HOme!

Hye guys,it's me again! Currently, i'm home..just for a while. balik nk amik bju utk pg mjlis pra graduate je, then i'll be heading back to london Malaysia. HAhaha!Its lendu, actually. WHy? cause i'm officially a student at UITM. Although i balik skejap je, but my house is my favourite place! Always be! Rase tenang je bile balik umah...(mcm la tmpt blaja ak tu jauh sgt kan? lendu je pun nis oi...) around 30 minutes da blh smpai uma da, but ape blh buat kan? For me, my house is my everything! Dpt balik jmpe my parents..dpt hangout in my lovely room...super duper best! Wlupun kdg2, when i'm home, i'll be all alone cause both of my parents are working late till night, but still, i'm glad to be home. 

hmm..thats all! ;)

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