Saturday, 1 December 2012

A Thoughts!

Assalamualaikum kawan-kawan! are you?
Hurm...on this eve, sementara nak tunggu siaran langsung bola malam ni, sambil aku duduk2
tengok series...then a thought occurred to me. a girl, I love SHOPPING so much. Even the word SHOPPING itself makes me
wanna jumping up and down my bed right now, cause what..?? 
Cause SHOPPING is great!! It's FUN! Kan girls..???
Well...if korang pergi SHOPPING, what kind of goods that you guys into the most?? me, I'm into EVERYTHING! HAHA, (mmg bankrupt suami aku nanti! ^^,)
But...the most thing that I'm into are clothes! A really nice & pretty clothes!
There's a saying that says "A good shoes take you to a good places"
and for me "A nice clothes make a good memories".

Ak tak tau if aku je yang rasa tentang ni, or you guys pun pernah kene macam ni, 
so, I'm asking you now. 
Before pergi shopping, I mean before you have money to went for a shopping,
you find all of the goods were so eye catching that makes you want to buy it right at that time.
But..finally, when you get the chance to do some SHOPPING, puaslah merayau merata-rata,
belek sini, belek sana, but it turns out yang semua goods depan mata korang is not that 
nice or beautiful, or eye catching!
Pernah tak you guys alami benda mcm ni or am I the one who's been crazy??

I asked because....almost all the time benda mcm ni jadi kat aku and I dont know why.
Maybe sbb terlalu banyak barang yang cantik2 depan mata sampai semuanya jadi tak menarik
at that time cause aku tak tau nak pilih yang mana satu. MAYBE!
Sometimes pulak...masa beli a goods, kita mati-mati ingat yang "This is the best product I ever had, and I'm so gonna rock it forever!"

BUT, unfortunately...tak sampai bape hari, the goods seems unuseful to us and 
time tu pulak kita akan cakap macam ni "Turn outs yang aku salah beli and this thing tak sesuai 
lansung dengan taste aku.Menyesal beli." And we looked at the goods for a moment, thinking over and over again, why did we bought it at the very first place...??

Pretty sure, aku rasa semua yang bergelar GIRLS, pernah hadap and pernah rasa
macam ni. Kan guys...?? me, yes it does happened almost all the time.
Masa beli, punyalah suka and rasa cantik sangat2. Bila da pakai sekali, rasa mcm urgghh sooo uncomfortable or not looking nice. Then terperuklah the goods kat dlm closet tu bertaun-taun.
The worse is, beli and tak pernah pakai pun. (Pembaziran!)

The thing is..actually, SHOPPING itself teach us to be MORE WISE and REASONABLE
before making any final decisions that will make us regret it later.
Dont you think so guys..?? From SHOPPING, we can actually learn something valuable! 
It teach us..that next time sebelum kita membazir duit kita dengan membeli ikut nafsu, 
apa kata lain kali kita beli pulak benda yang really useful and betul-betul PERLU?
I'm in! (Menyesal bazirkan duit dengan membeli benda yang ntah hape-hape, and ends up
bertaun-taun dalam closet. Sooo membazir ruang! ye tak??)

Well...this is only one of my thoughts. Tak sure if you guys setuju ke tak. Just an opinion
from my point of view. 
If you guys stuju, well my advice is sebelum pergi SHOPPING, make A LIST! (peringatan untuk aku jgk)

Till then guys, nak off tgk bola! ^^,

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