Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Magsa Ragut!! :(

Assalamualaikum guys!! Okay, setelah mncipta entry yang agak2 sedih semalam *Semalam ke? Tak ingat lorh! Ahh...nevermind!*, now I'm back to write something that might gives all of you a life lessons!

Okay, before that, please let me tell you guys a story bout my activities today! *Sebenarnye...patut ckp smalam punye activity cause hari ni da msuk hari baru da pun, but...our mind dont work that way right?? Tepat 12 am, hari baru da msuk, and still we only count it as a new day when we see the sunrise in front of our eyes or when the clock strikes 7 am! When do we always count it as a new day when the clock strikes 12 am??? Time BIRTHDAY!! kan kan kan?? tak kesahlah sape punya birthday pun...nak2 lagi if tu birthday kita, mmg tak myabau-nyabau nak tggu kol 12 mlm utk bukak present. Hehe* It's normal...and it have became as one of our tradition in lives, although tak dak sapa pun yang habaq kat kita soh buat camtu naa...?? *Okay, loghat campur yg berterabur! I'm sorry." ;)

Well,actually my day started pretty rough cause I've got a called from my mom saying that my grandma have become a ragut victim in front of her own house! OMGGGG!! What the hell are these criminals thinking these day! Urrggghhh! Then, I pay a visit to my grandma house with my hubby, and give her company. Luckily, my grandma's didn't hurt much and of course she's traumatized now but badly, her necklace have been snatched away by those bloody criminals, and they only get half of the necklace, and other half was still with my grandma, cause mase die ragut tu, that necklace tputus dua, and trmasuk dlm baju my grandma. Nmpak sgt the necklace did not want to leave her owner.

What's weird is...those cold hearted criminals, berani dtg meragut kat kawasan terbuka and tak pakai anything like a mask or helmet. Terang lagi berspotlight muka dia terpampang kat dpn mata my grandma! GGgggrrrrr!! GGeram ni! Thank god, everything was fine now, and we do pray that those criminals will DIE someday, on a road, getting hit by a trailer or a car! *Kejam sgt ke doa org mati macam tu? Well, rasanye tak kejam sgt cause ape yg animals tu buat lg kejam, cause kita tak tau da brapa lama diorg brkecimpung dlm bidang jenayah ni, and how many families yg dah trkena and only GOD know how many people were badly injured because of them!* Sooo..I think, the criminals deserve to DIE in a bad and most painful way since they caused us a major pain too. *Emosi sgt2 ni.*

Ya know, when I was a little kid, my mom pernah kene ragut jugak, and the way she experienced that is more painful than my grandma cause on that day, my mom was riding on a motorcycle alone, heading to town to pay some bills, and she put her handbag in the basket, sooo....while riding on it, these stupid animals came along beside her, snatched her handbag and kick her motorcycle! The result...??? My mom have been badly injured by the accident and it cost us everything! Those damn animals make our families suffer the pain that they have caused, and we dont deserve it at all!! Who do they think they are??? If they need some money, go and earn it in properly la! Dont be such a coward like these. From that moment, my mom trauma sampai bertaun-taun berlalu, my mom never wear a handbag anymore! Even when we were on a vacation, she did not want to wear any of it, cause she's afraid that she might become a victim again. :'(

For God sake, I was only a kid back then! I do want my mommy look pretty and fashy like other kids mother, but I've never get what I wanted and for a long time...I've been depressed and disappointed  and I keep it to myself. She always carry around a little purse that can fit in her pocket, so that she can avoid such these to happened again. Only like 15 years later, barulah my mom put on her handbag back and I'm happy I can still had a chance to saw my mom wearing her handbag before I die.

I've been experiencing things on my own too, like my cell and money had been robbed by a bunch of stupid male students at the UiTM! They broke into my room, and robbed me and my roommates precious. HOW DARE KAN??? And the best part is, after they broke onto our room, they leave the door open widely, and inside my room, there were four girls sleeping and wearing improper clothes! Our room was in the ground floor, cause we were staying in the bilik sakit. Why bilik sakit?? Because we were sick and we need to be put in it. *Me baru injured from accident and having a constantly back pain,my roomates had asma and much more la. Mmg brpenyakit. 5 minutes okay, 5 minutes sakit balik. Mcm tu lah.*  Urrgghh...malas nk bukak bab lama. Pnjang if nak cerita balik, and honestly, I'm afraid to death at that time cause I felt so insecure like somebody was going to rape me. Just imagine, you are wearing a shorts and a shirt to bed, clearly feels its normal la caused dlm bilik tu semua perempuan, and dlm kolej prempuan, but suddenly, out of nowhere, ntah mcm mana, guys boleh broke masuk dlm bilik and kita tak sedar lgsung ape yang die buat. Even satu bunyi pun tak dengar. Rasa mcm dipukau!

Mmg kecoh satu UiTM tu, and mmg aku trauma gile for almost 3 months. Haihhh...apo la nak jadi dengan dunia sekarang ni. We can never understand what other's have going through until we put ourselves in their shoes! True Story!! Hurmm..actually, i was going to write about something else, and not about all this sort of crimes, but ape boleh buat? Once jari jemari da start menari, mmg susah nak berhenti. At least, all I can say is that, guys...please be careful when you were out there, somewhere. Kadang2, kita dok dlm umah je pun, but still...umah sendiri pun rasa mcm tak selamat cause byk sgt kejadian pecah rumah and all. Klu tak blaku injuries, alhamdullilah, but if it happens???? How are we gonna deal with it?? So...take precaution okiess??
I'm not mumbling and bubbling around for something yang tak bermakna here. I'm sharing all of these to make me feel better, relieves my burden and in the same time give all of you guys a warning.

From now on, girls...guys, beware okay?? Anything can happens, although it was supposed to be a very beautiful day! Take some precaution and serious attention to your surrounding. Have a good night readers!
Nite nite.. ;)

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