Saturday, 22 December 2012

Our First Time!!

Assalamualaikum...!! Mooodd menulis sudah sampaiiii..! ^^, Fuuuhhh...rasa cam da berkurun aku tak menulis kat blog ni. Sorry guys...otak berkarat sekejap. Hari ni karat sudah hilang, so jom kita membaca bersama2. Hehe, today aku nak cerita about "Our First Time"!! Ape "Our First Time" tu?? Teruskan mmbaca ye. ;)

Well, and my hubby spend a day together dari pagi sampai tgh malam cause, we went to seremban to attend my friend,efah punya sister wedding. Haha, *ayat terabur. What I meant is...yesterday, me and my hubby attend wedding kakak efah! Haaa, barulah betul ayat tu.*  Memandangkan, both of us not really have a plan to go somewhere else, i decided to went for the wedding. Ak ngan efah bkawan since part one at UiTM tu..and yup, she's my girl. Rapat dan always help each other. Sampai dah nak habis dip da, aku still tak pernah dtg umah efah, and hanya dia je yg selalu dtg umah aku. Sooo....ak nak la dtg mjlis tu, besides she's inviting me, so I will not let her down. Same goes to syafika, my girl, *Haa..yg ni tak tau la bila dpt menapak ke umah dia. Cause bila da plan nk dtg, asyik tak jadi je."

Wed invitations and berkat.
Simple but adorable! <3
My hubby drove us there..and senang sgt nk cari umah efah cause dlu my hubby used to lives in Senawang, and we had went to senawang a couple of times, *He showed me around bout his childhood.* Then, sampai, makan2, borak2, jumpa my friend pika elyana, and I almost went back home with and empty handed, but lucky me, thank god at the critical moment, i remember to take a few photos with my hubby and I ask efah to capture the moment, and she's inviting us to capture it on the pelamin. OMG!!! It's like a dreams come true guys! The truth is, itulah the first time me and my hubby jejakkan kaki bergambar kat atas pelamin!

Ahhaaa, I'm soooo excited semalam. ^^, When we were up there waiting for the click of camera, ada sorang pak cik ni tanya my hubby like this "Ni kali kedua ke ni?" *He tought that we had already married and teringin nak naik pelamin lagi.* But my hubby said "Eh tak lah, belum lagi. Ni first time." And the elders replied, "Haaaa...tu tak lama lagi la tu. Da ada tanda2 da." Hubby replied "Nampak gayanya mcm tulah." Hehe!! So we had our moment captured!! Sooo beautiful and the feel was amazing! *Tak sabar nak naik pelamin sendiri.* Effffaaaahhh, thank you for making my dreams come trueeee! <3 <3 ;D

We planned to watch movies after the wed, and i want to have some Leman Dawi cendol along our journeys back to Melaka, cause my ENT lecturer had told us that Leman Dawi cendol is delicious and the way he served his customer is so special, by using a badminton racket and he will tell a story to us. Since then, i really2 want to go to Leman Dawi stall, and we almost make it happen yesterday. But after the wed, my hubby ask whether i want to jalan2 around seremban or kat Melaka. So I decided to went back to melaka cause seremban mcm tak de ape jeee...Then, I ask efah:

Me: Fahh, kat seremban ni kat mana nk tgk wayang yg best? Cause ak igt nk tgk wayang pasni.
Efah: Owhh, yeke? Kat jusco seremban 2 ada.
Me: Is it GSC ke ape...??
Efah: Tak, tak, bukan GSC nis, TGV.
Me: TGV??? TGV??? Really???
*The moment she said that it was a tgv cinemas, ak rase cam nk melompat2 sampai atas bumbung khemah time tu jgk!*

Tau knpe aku suka sgt dgn TGV cinemas..?? Sbb my hubby work there, at TGV cinemas in JB *study sambil bkerja cause we planned to get married cepat.* and he told me a lot bout TGV, and he bought me home the Royal Popcorn, the one that I love the most. At tgv my hubby ada satu cinemas yg bernama bineplax and ada room yg mcm ni:
This is the bineplax.
OMG..teringin sgt nak msuk cinema ni. Da plan dah nk ke JB with my hubby next week smata2 nk tgk movies dlm bineplax je, HAHA, but...tak jadi. Next time kot. So we head to jusco seremban dua and watch some magician perform, it was incredible guys. We watch hobbit there at TGV, kinda sort of knowing what my hubby working place looks like, but Tgv at Jusco seremban dua is way more old than my hubby working place, cause at my hubby working place, the technology is way canggih! The popcorn also tasty! Me like it!  My hubby asked the candy worker to mixed caramel popcorn with salted popcorn, cause he wanted me to tasted the salty popcorn since I've never tasted it before, and sadly..the worker put a lot of salted popcorn and a little bit of caramel popcorn. Tak puas makan caramel popcorn tuuuu! :(

My hubby nak belikan me yang baru, but i dont want. Nevermind la cause nanti my hubby boleh belikan my popcorn kat tgv die. So..i just had to be patient! ;)  That is our first time at Jusco Seremban 2, and that was our first time watching movies at TGV cinemas together. When we head back home, my hubby malas nk lalu jalan lama, and we went for highway instead, and that is the first time we be in car together on a highway although tak la jauh mana pun both of us tavel. Dr seremban ke Melaka je pun...but, but, but....?? The memories and the experience are sooo valuable for us to treasure for the rest of our lives!

My hubby yang first point out all of our first time together yesterday and thanks to him, this entry was created for you guys to read. Thanks hubby! 8 years together...and we still have not run out Our First Time. I'm proud of us! ^^, So..we have come to the end of my story..hope you guys do enjoy it. Till next you guys! <3 <3 <3
Au Revoir! ^^,

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