Monday, 24 December 2012


Hye, aku nak menceceh pasal STRONG! Ape ke benda STRONG ni??? Hurm...STRONG ni actually satu feeling yang common pada manusia. Why suddenly aku ttiba nak menceceh pasal STRONG pulak? Ntah laaa..aku pun tak tau, but there's something that I had just learned this eve, yang make me wanna write something about this STRONG thing, cause I need to be STRONG right now.

I've learned that I may lost someone who was sooo good and close to me and my family. I may have learned that things are not going to be the way I want it to be. He tells me everything and ask me to keep the secret to myself and my heart was going to explode by knowing how much he have been hurted by someone that I love so much, and it's painful for me just to imagine how can he put up with all that, and how can he still let it happens!'s so complicated. I think, I may fall apart any seconds now. *sighhhhhh*. Nevermind, what I really want to say to that special someone is that, no matter what may happened, please know that you still can count on me and I wish all the best for you and despite everything that may happens, please dont forget us here. :'(
Actually, when I'm attending my finishing school module at UiTM, my FC used to ask all of us including me about "WHAT IS YOUR STRENGTH?" and that time all of my friends bagi jawapan sort of macam kanak-kanak tadika and said mewarna, melukis, and much more. But once my FC explained about what she wanted our answer's be, barulah jawapan yg came out from our mouth mnepati khendak beliau.

When I was asked "WHAT IS YOUR STRENGTH?", I've answered "My past." and she ask me why I choose my past as my strength and I said that "if it's weren't bout my past, I may not become what I am today." Actually, when I think about it over and over again, it is not my past that gives me strength to carry on, but actually it was MY HEART! I should have answered MY HEART instead of MY PAST cause my heart is the one who kept me STRONGER each day.
Yup, it's true! Back then, when things were all perfect...I've said to myself that "I cant live a single day without my love and I can die without him by my side." But, when my hearts are broken badly...I figured that actually, I can live without my love. It's weird right...? We need to be in a situation that force us to be stronger than we ever thought we can to make us realize it. 

Oh..this entry had nothing to do about my love life, it's about someone else and it affected me in every way. 
So...what i'm trying to say is to that special someone is...after a hurricane, comes a rainbow! Just be STRONG and KEEP HOLDING ON! Everything happens for a reasons, and maybe you deserves someone better. Although I know that you may not read this entry, I do hope it taught something for those who've had read it. 

Au revoir. <3

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