Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Welcome 2013 and Goodbye 2012!

Assalamualaikum...hye alls! Well, I guess it's not too late to wish you guys HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! (Come on...baru 2 January 2013 kan??? so, tak terlambat lg la). Actually, patutnye dr smalam nk hupdate blog nie, but x de mood lansung nk mgarang entry cause busy minum air mata sendiri. HEHE! Why minum air mata?? Mcm da x de air lain nak minum! Ke bekalan air kat my house dah kene potong??? NOooo laahh!
Me busy minum air mata hubby da balik JB to continue his new sem. (lek sudahhh...JB-Melaka 3 jam je kot!) Memanglahhh 3 jam, da 2 bulan berkepit dgn my hubby siang malam, know that he's always here for me, then suddenly...PAP! I'm alone...i'm a loner kat melaka! (I have my girls here, but I really2 need my hubby la.) Aiyakkkk,cant control my emotionnnn. :'(

That's why I'm not in the mood for hupdating yesterday, and now...bosan la plak, tak tau nk watpe, so might as well hupdating je la. *Sobs sobs* Goodbye 2012...!!! Somehow, I manage to went trough 2012 and there's a lot of sweet memories that I will love to treasure for the rest of my lives for sure! Nowww, here I am, and here we are in 2013...not much had changed, cause we still have our Monday-Sunday and we still have January - December to put up with, every yearrrr, but one things for sure do change is our AGE!!! Geeeee! I'm gonna be 21 this year! (My hubby da masuk 21 officially on 1 JANUARY 2013 ^^,)
Yup, he's a new year baby! *It's one of the reason that makes me adore him so much*

Bru je masuk taun 2013...belum smpai prtengahan tahun lagi pun and ak da x sabar2 nak 2013 ended cause tak sabar nak tamatkan zaman bujang kami berdua. *Oopsie! I'm not supposed to spill it out. Tepuk mulut laju2.* Anywho, well...I'll give more details about it around August this year k. Wait for it! ^^,
We're one step closer alreadyy, and I'm totally excited bout it! Cakap nak get married next year, but tetiba announce nak kawin tahun ni pulak kan *Hamboi, tak mnyempat2. Mmg kerja gile namanya!* LOL

Last night...when i was on the phone with my hubby *cakap sambil nangis teresak2 mcm budak kecik cause rindu and nak my hubby here beside me*, I thought no one heard me crying. Sekali...this eve my mother ask me "Malam tadi asal ko nangis? Sampai bengkak-bengkak mata. Melilit-lilit baju kat badan." and I was like *buat muka terkejut and menafikan sekeras2nye yg aku tak menangis langsung mlm tadi* Aiiiyakk, blushing!!

Agree sgt2!!
I thought no one heard me crying like a baby and yeah, ak if nak tido, I'll sleep with my hubby clothes *baju yg penuh dgn peluh and bau my hubby* cause it helps me sleep and feel like his here, so close to me! Everytime my hubby nak balik JB, a months before ak da pesan siap2 kat my hubby supaya pakai satu baju byk2 kali, cause I want to smell him and his sweat. Makin basah baju tu dengan peluh, makin aku suka.  *Baju ni wajib ada!*

And I'll put and cari bahagian ketiak my hubby and sniffs it all the time, through day and night cause I'm addicted to his arm pit smell. HEHE *yeah, I know, many will said it's unbelievable dude! What is wrong with youuu?? Are you insane??? Ueewww, that's gross!* But for me...??? It's possible dude! It's not gross at all but it's refreshing, it make me feel calm, make me feel him always! Me love it and me like it!
Reasons why I'm madly in love,crazy, and adore my hubby soo damn much:

Dunno why but i think pic cartoon ni a bit like my hubby.

  • He's the love of my live! 
  • He's everything for me. (Yup, all the pakej yg aku cari ada pada my hubby.)
  • He's one of a kind! (Tak ada laki lain yg istimewa mcm my hubby and ak tak pndang laki lain walau dgn sebelah mata sekalipun cause I've got mine.)

  • Dia seorang yang menjaga solatnya. (Everytime we go for a date, masuk waktu jee, tak kira kat mana pun kitorang berada mase tu, whether tgh shopping ke, dlm kereta ke, ape ke, he always said "Sayang, da masuk waktu. Jom cari surau or masjid, abang nak solat." <3
  • He's the one yang sanggup berjaga malam and tahan mata sampai pukul 6 pagi semata-mata sebab nak tunaikan solat subuh.
  • He's the one yang always solat at surau near his block at his IPG.
  • hubby will go to the mosque to perform solat and read yassin. (khamis malam jumaat.)
  • He's sacrifice everything for me.
  • He loves me so much as I love him.
Annnnddd...much more. Ponat nak bgtau you ollzzz banyak2, so me bgtau mana yg penting je lah. Sorry la guys...otak jammed and now I feel like what the pan yang aku mengarut kat sini???! *Tepuk dahi, tampar muka sendiri.* I guess...entry ni is all about my hubby cause I'm in missing influeza. *Demam rindu* 

Anywho, sorry for wasting your timeeee, *tak berniat pun sbenarnye* and I hope...everything will running smoothly this year, according to our plan. Doakan kami ye! ^^,

and of coz, I hope 2013 will bring us more happiness, laughter, success, health, wealth and much more!
Till then...have a good day ahead guys. Good night! ^^,

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